Brand Relevance

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David A. Aaker

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Mark Ashby




11h 50m 39s

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Substantial market trends and transformational innovations are creating markets and making others irrelevant.  The result is a major threat for nearly every business and a significant opportunity for a few. This book will be the first marketing strategy book to develop and leverage the concept of brand relevance.  To remain relevant, a firm can create a new category or subcategory-- such as iPod, Cirque du Soleil, and eBay did-- where competitors are eliminated.  Or a firm can redefine an existing category or subcategory by creating or elevating an offering feature or characteristic--as  Prius created a subcategory defined by gas mileage and technology, or Westin did with its Heavenly Bed.    In either case, a firm can create or own a new business arena or submarket in which some or all competitors are not relevant.   Instead of being the best, the goal is to be the onlymaking competitors irrelevant.

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Duración: 11h 50m 39s

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