CBT Basics and Beyond

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Noah Rudlow

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Shafi Shafi




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CBT Basics and Beyond: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Help Overcome Negative Thoughts and EmotionsCognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a form of psychotherapy that has been proven effective in treating a wide range of mental health disorders. It is based on the idea that our thoughts and beliefs can greatly impact our feelings and behaviors, and that by identifying and changing negative or distorted thinking patterns, we can improve our emotional and physical well-being.This audiobook will teach you all about cognitive behavior therapy and how it can be used to overcome negative thoughts and emotions and help you live a more balanced life. We will explore the principles and techniques of CBT and how it can be used to effectively treat a range of mental health disorders.This audiobook will cover the following topics:- What is CBT- How CBT works- Pros and Cons of CBT- Advantage of CBT over other forms of therapy- CBT Strategies- Understanding Your Thought Patterns- Breaking Bad Habits Through CBT- CBT as cure for depression- CBT for anger management- Cognitive Distortions- And many more!CBT is widely regarded as an effective treatment for a range of mental health conditions. To learn more, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!

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Duración: 48m 51s

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