Controlling Your Emotions

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John Rushton

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John Rushton




42m 44s

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Our emotions enhance our life walk, we have love, joy, happiness, pleasure, kindness, and all that makes life worthy of what it is. If we ever let our emotions take over then we lose the ability to reason and see the bigger picture which is what happens in some cultures and religions where their brain almost shuts down. Wisdom, understanding and compassion go a long way to seeing what is right in the middle of turmoil. There are those that don't engage brain and go into a panic as a defense against having to think and those which look at a situation knowing that if they let go of their feelings they would never find a solution or a way out. We must at all times never allow our negative emotions to take any place in our thoughts otherwise we will end up in a worse place that we ever anticipated, they never do us any good and never find a home in good people. You do have a choice in life as to how you think as your emotions come from the same place, use wisely.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 42m 44s

Publicado por The Life Alchemist

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