Design Leadership Handbook

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Escrito por

Eli Woolery Aarron Walter

Narrado por

Joey Schaljo




1h 16m 40s

(2 calificaciones)

Get your bearings as a leader, gain confidence, and learn tactical approaches from experts who have been in your shoes so you can support your team and advance your career.This audiobook includes:How to become a design leader with insights from Netflix’s Andy LawLearn how to hire people with the right balance of skills and find the best structure for your teamEvaluating team members’ performances, coaching to help them grow, and minimizing conflictsStandardizing the design feedback process, manage projects, and coordinate with other teamsBuilding connections with other leaders and executives to ensure your team gets what it needsCrafting the vision for your product so you have a North Star to guide all teams in the future

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 16m 40s

Publicado por InVision

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