Disciplined Mind

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Molly Matthews

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Todd Studer




27m 48s

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Do you want to develop a mind that is disciplined and with which you can achieve anything?Is it something that you’ve tried to do before but have failed?Are you ready to try a new approach and build that disciplined mind you always wanted?Discipline is often the thing that is central to success. This is why military forces use it, why some businesses are so successful and why some individuals reach such dizzying heights. If you want the sort of discipline that successful people have, then you have to be prepared to work towards it and luckily there is help at hand.With this audiobook, Disciplined Mind: The Ultimate Guide to Learn How to Discipline Yourself and Your Mind, you can make a start at developing your own discipline that will help you become the person you want to be, with chapters that include: Discipline is something you do Key mindsets to adopt to become more disciplined Build discipline using the things you’re already doing Once you have mastered the art of the disciplined mind, success and achievement will naturally follow, because discipline is at the very heart of success and without it most will fail.Get a copy today and make your mind a disciplined one now!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 27m 48s

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