Empath: The Survival Guide For Highly Sensitive People

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David Clark

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Rebecca Cade




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Do you have the uncanny ability to sense exactly what another person is feeling? Are you often told to stop being too sensitive and start having “thicker skin”? Have you ever wondered how other people go through life without being overwhelmed by all the negativity of modern life? Then you need to keep reading…As defined by the American Psychological Association (APA), empaths possess the ability to comprehend and vicariously experience another person’s emotions and point of view. Empaths have a different way of looking at the world as they can effortlessly tune in to the feelings of others – both the good and the bad. While they may be considered delicate and weak, empaths can learn techniques that will help them go beyond survival and lead abundant lives. Here’s a preview of what you will discover:The revolutionary formula for transforming yourself into a joyful and healthy empath (even if you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders).The scientific research that provides undeniable proof that empaths are real and not just mystical creatures made up by the media. How to INSTANTLY recognize that you have the rare gift of empathy and utilize it in ways that few people know.The most effective ways to create an emotional force field and protect yourself (hint: you need to avoid certain types of people like the plague).The five worst self-damaging habits that empaths need to overcome IMMEDIATELY. Why being an empath is akin to having a superpower (and how to harness this ability to manifest success).And much, much more… Even if you’re extremely sensitive and burnt out by being an emotional sponge, the expert research behind this guide can ensure that you’ll develop self-management skills, boost your mental health, and achieve personal and professional goals.If you want to unlock access to this potent information about the empath psyche and reach your full potential, then you should read this book!

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Duración: 3h 06m 36s

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