Esports For Dummies

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Phill Alexander

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Derek Shoales




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Discover the path to the big leaguesIt's time to prove all those people who said "video games are a waste of time" wrong. Esports has rewarded top gamers with prize money, glory, and even college scholarships. Want to get in on the action?This audiobook puts you on the path to get your share of the growing world of esports. It helps you figure out the gear you need to be competitive, the games that drive esports, how to break into competitive play, and how to use online platforms to get attention. Written by the esports program director at the first Division I university to field an esports team, this audiobook defines and demystifies the complex world of competitive video gaming.Esports For Dummies will give you the tools to: get the gear for your first esports battles, gain recognition for your skills online or in tournaments, discover the path to earning scholarships in esports, and build your online identity.Get the insider tips you need to make your name in the esports universe.

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Duración: 9h 06m 54s

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