How to Live a Prosperous Life

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Escrito por

Catherine Ponder

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Christine Glassman




2h 50m 37s

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Ponder is best known for her classic work, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. This later title is one of a series of Unity books devoted to teaching you how you can make your life better by applying Christian principles. The Unity movement now reaches millions of persons all over the world.Contents:Chapter 1. Dare to Prosper!Chapter 2. Pray and ProsperChapter 3. Making the Right Contact for ProsperityChapter 4. Substance - the Key to ProsperityChapter 5. The Prosperity Law of IncreaseChapter 6. Tithe Your Way to ProsperityChapter 7. There Is Magic in ItChapter 8. Wheel of FortuneChapter 9. Harvest Your GoodChapter 10. Prosperity the Hope of the WorldChapter 11. What You Can Do about World PeaceChapter 12. Prosperous Thinking for HealthChapter 13. Controlled LivingChapter 14. A Master Plan for Success

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 2h 50m 37s

Publicado por HN Publishing

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