Jobs To Be Done

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David Farber Jessica Wattman Stephen Wunker

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Tim Andres Pabon




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In a challenging economy filled with nimble competitors, no one can afford to stagnate. Yet, innovation is notoriously difficult. Only 1 in 100 new products are successful enough to cover development costs, and even fewer impact a company's growth trajectory. So how do you pinpoint the winning ideas that customers will love?Sifting through purchasing data for clues about what might well or haphazardly brainstorming ideas are typical strategies. But Jobs To Be Done offers a far more precise and effective approach: determine the drivers and customer behavior-those functional and emotional goals that people want to achieve. Using the Jobs method, it becomes easy to see that people don't really need a 1/4-inch drill bit, but a 1/4-inch hole They're not just buying ice cream, but also celebration, bonding, and indulgence.This simple shift in perspective opens up new insights about your customers and a wealth of hidden opportunities. Social media newcomer Snapchat, for example, used the Jobs process to capture the millennial demographic. Bu reducing functionality, the company satisfied its users' unmet need to document real life, in the moment, without filters and "like" buttons.Packed with similar examples from every industry, this complete innovation guide explains bot foundational concepts and a detailed action plan developed by innovation expert Stephen Wunker and his team. From unlocking customer insights to ideation to iteration, you'll learn how to:Figure out what customers really want, even if they can't express itSort out valuable insights from less useful customer dataDig into the underlying "why" of customer behavior, not just the "what"Target unaddressed jobs to be done that have the power to disruptIdentify key customer segments you didn't know existedDevelop solutions that work with ingrained habits, not against themUse a Jobs-based lens to get a broader view of the competitionGenerate better ideas in brainstorming sessions and vet your solutionsSidestep common mistakes, such as engaging in "feature wars"Spot emerging trends that are changing how customers will behaveWork customer insights into the design processAnd much more Jobs To Be Done gives you a clear-cut framework for thinking about your business, outlines a roadmap for discovering new markets, new products and services, and helps you generate creative opportunities to innovate your way to success.

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