Power of Sex Transmutation, The

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Mitch Horowitz

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Mitch Horowitz




1h 56m 23s

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Discover an Awesome Power As Close as Your DesiresThe most intriguing, powerful, and misunderstood idea in Think and Grow Rich is the taboo-topic of sex transmutation. What is it exactly—and how is it used?In this breakthrough work, historian and New Thought scholar Mitch Horowitz provides the clearest, simplest, and most practical exploration of sex transmutation since Napoleon Hill himself.In The Power of Sex Transmutation, Mitch strips away all mystery from this topic; shows exactly what sex energy is; describes how to use it to achieve your aims; and illuminates the correspondences between sex transmutation and other ancient and modern esoteric practices.You possess an incredible power experienced through the sensation of your own desires. Discover how to use it today.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 56m 23s

Publicado por Tantor Audio

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