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Dr. Dale Pheragh

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Shannon Mendenhall




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Are you aware that managing your stress is as important as keeping a constant watch on your health? Do you know the effects of a properly managed stress on your immune system building capability? This book will work you through steps to follow to effectively manage your stress and also the stress in your children the natural way. You would find several ways to manage stress, such as controlling your thoughts, managing your emotions, eating healthy, exercise as a routine and more. This book also gives information about how to realize stress in kids, the symptoms, stress reliever games that would help both kids and adults, stress relieving exercises, what makes children anxious and what parents are expected to do, and how positive thinking can assist you in healing and ultimately move forward in life. People who figure out how to deal with stress and business live a happier, healthier life, because a sound body is a formidable tool to fight stress. As you read further on what to do to help your children manage stress effectively, and also to manage your stress, You would be glad you did because this book explains basic mechanisms of stress and relaxation and offers research-based guidance for improving treatment outcomes.

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Duración: 1h 14m 06s

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