Be Rich - the 90 Day Subliminal Challenge

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You want to be rich ? Change your mindset! Achieve what you want in 90 days, that's what this subliminal offers you. A challenge against yourself ! Subliminals with relaxation music are for the conscious mind nothing more than listening to a beautiful melody - but at the same time they work on you profoundly. Your ear will not hear a single spoken word and yet the subliminal, positive suggestions penetrate directly to your brain, where they are appropriately received and processed.With the subliminals used almost inaudibly in the music, it is possible to positively change thought and behavior patterns in your subconscious mind in a targeted manner, step by step.The only prerequisite for this is repeated listening to the audio flow experiences. You do not have to listen to the Subliminal relaxation music to the end every time. What is important is that you listen to it again and again over a period of several weeks. After about 30 days, the first successes will be visible and tangible. While you are doing your household chores, taking a break, reading a book or driving a car, you can comfortably re-condition your subconscious through the subliminals. Subliminals are of course also very suitable for falling asleep, or in the early sleep phase.

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Duración: 32m 56s

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