Business Secrets from the Bible

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Escrito por

Daniel Lapin

Narrado por

Stephen Bowlby




11h 29m 30s

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The book will show that other than the specialized information that's necessary for earning ones living as, say, a farmer, a hedge fund quantitative analyst, or an airplane pilot, the basic knowledge necessary for successful living is captured under the headings of male/female relationships, money, and spirituality. Furthermore, the book will show in a most exciting way that these three areas integrate into a unified and triangular schematic of real life. The author believes that people make all too common mistakes in one aspect of their life but these mistakes could be used to improve other aspects of their life. The book offers concrete advice for improved spirituality, love life, and success with money.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 11h 29m 30s

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