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The subscription business model is hot-from software to music to movies to diet programs-investors and public markets want businesses that create recurring payments from unlimited customers. The old sales and marketing methods can handle attracting new customers for growth, however, only in the last five years has a discipline emerged that views growth in relation to retention, not just sales. Customer Success is the first-of-its-kind resource for business leaders who need best-in-class guidance for developing a recurring revenue business.Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses led the charge into the subscription economy, and this guidebook is highly relevant to leaders of those companies by providing a methodology for creating the infrastructure and teams to both renew and upsell customers. The success of SaaS companies has spread across industries, and now all types of businesses are looking to convert to a subscription or pay-as-you-go model, or at least add a like component to their existing business model. Leaders in these situations can equally benefit from the A-to-Z coverage inside, which walks you from the very beginnings of the Customer Success movement to the latest best practices and success stories.The practical chapters are rated by relevance to business type for quick reference and focused learning. Additionally, this next-level tool doesn't stop at a singular perspective, but features authorial contributions from today's leading Customer Success practitioners who share their personal insights into the realities of focusing a company on the success of its customers.Whether this is your first step into a recurring revenue business model or you need to revamp your SaaS company into the big leagues, this game-changing presentation by three industry influencers from the leading company in Customer Success gives you the understanding and solutions you're looking for, including:The Ten Laws of Customer Success, including complete explanations, real-world examples, and customized information for different business needsHow Cloud technology has redefined Customer Success and what a customer-centric company needs to do to maintain a competitive edgeAn in-depth look at the critical technology needed for outstanding Customer SuccessEasy-to-understand approaches to capturing the sophisticated metrics that drive prosperous customer-centric programs

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