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A guided meditation designed to help you become your sexiest self. The key to finding the sensuality that lies within you is a MIND game.To access to your sensual side - You’ll need to shift your mindset.With this guided meditation you will erase the negative emotions holding you back like: fear, guilt and self-consciousness and embrace expressing yourself emotionally and physically. You will feel more confident and be able to comfortably reveal your sensual side and celebrate your body. No more shame—just sexy!Find Your Sensual Side comes with two valuable ‘extras’:1. 2 different endings. Besides the actual guided meditation itself, you will receive a choice of a ‘sleep’ or ‘wake’ ending depending on whether you are listening in the morning or evening.2. A deep sleep music track. If you choose a sleep ending, this track will help deepen your sleep after you have completed your meditation session. Hi:) I’m Amy Applebaum. And I’m really glad you are here!As a business owner who has made millions and a Life Success coach who has coached dozens of ambitious women (and some men), I believe very strongly that success is just as much about ‘how you think’ as it is ‘what you do’.Success is first and foremost an Inside Job.I have seen it in my own life.I’ve seen it with the entrepreneurs and industry leaders I have worked with whose lives have been wildly transformed just by changing their thoughts and then taking actions on those new beliefs.Let’s face it. We have a lot on our plate. And those of us who are running our own businesses even more so.We are giving so much to the world around us.But things won’t shift until we get those birds on our shoulders to stop the negative chitchat.And the best fastest way to cut the self-doubt in its tracks is through meditation.And I make doing meditation dead easy.My MOVE collections are guided meditations.You don’t have to learn the ‘ins and outs ’of meditation. All you need to do is throw those earbuds in and drift off to sleep!Downloaded over 500,000 times on places like iTunes and Audible, my MOVE meditations don’t just ‘relax’ and distress, they are specifically designed to help you get MOVING and unstuck.So that you can finally live the life you have always wanted! “This is truly amazing I feel so relaxed, confident and in charge of my own body. Thank you for this amazing piece of work.” ~ Colinwest15Isn’t it time? Isn’t it time to set aside the roadblocks that are impeding you from being the most sensual, free possible version of you?And it’s so easy.Just put the earbuds in and listen.Nothing simpler.All you need to do to open the door to expressing your sensuality (the EASY way)is waiting for you here.

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Duración: 1h 47m 32s

Publicado por Hypnosis, Coaching & Meditation Group, LLC

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