Jesus, Life Coach

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Laurie Beth Jones

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Laurie Jones




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In the game of life, only one Coach will do.Best-selling author, Laurie Beth Jones takes her uniquely passionate brand of motivational writing to a new level and lays out a faith-based program to get your whole life in shape?with Jesus as your personal trainer.This is your playbook for success?a wealth of information and inspiration that will motivate you to excel in and enjoy all walks of life. Jones, a coach for some of today's leading CEOs, uses her skills and experience to get you thinking, working, and achieving all your goals and dreams.The secret to success can be found, she says, in the most successful man who ever lived?a man who changed the world like no other. And by using Scripture and thought-provoking questions, Jones will show you with practical instructions how to get your life in high gear?at home as well as at work. So don't be left in the stands just watching the game of life when you can become the star pitcher, the starting quarterback, your team's most valuable player.

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Duración: 3h 20m 56s

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