Law of Happiness

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Dr. Henry Cloud

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Dr. Henry Cloud




4h 07m 34s

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Drawing from the latest scientific and psychological research on the quest for happiness, The Law of Happiness reveals that the spiritual truths of the Bible hold the secrets to the happiness we desire. As Dr. Cloud unpacks these universal, eternal principles, he reveals that true happiness is not about circumstances, physical health, financial success, or even about the people in our lives. In other words, it's not about the factors that are frequently beyond our control. Rather, happiness is found in choosing to become the kind of people God created us to be.Cloud shows just how happiness is achieved as he sets listeners on a pathway of spiritual transformation that connects them with the God of the universe. With these new tools, listeners will discover that their relationships, their careers, and their inner selves are infused with the joy they've been seeking.A Simon & Schuster audio production.

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Duración: 4h 07m 34s

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