Learn British English - Level 5: Advanced English, Volume 3

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Want to immerse yourself in the English language and speak at a native level?Curious about the United Kingdom and the culture?Then this Audiobook is for you! With Advanced English, you get English-only lessons and learn the all about the country, culture, history, folklore, arts and popular destinations. Along the way, you'll pick up sophisticated expressions and advanced grammar.To help you learn English even faster and understand everything, you get a 85+ page eBook with translations so you can read along.By the end of this book, you will...- Learn All About the United Kingdom and English Culture- Master Advanced Level Expressions & Grammar- Master English Listening Skills & Tune Your Ear to the Native Speaking Style- Be Able to Speak at a Native Level- Master Reading by Reading Along with the eBook- Understand Everything with Translations Provided inside the eBookWith this Audiobook, you get:- 25 Advanced level lessons- 85+ page eBook so you can read along Download the PDF and read along:https://bit.ly/3n9zcMU

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