Magic Of Believing, The

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BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND ALMOST ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Mystical, motivating and inspiring, The Magic of Believing is an extraordinary self-improvement program which draws on the philosophy that the energy of the subconscious mind can help individuals achieve any goal. With a step-by-step system for tapping and unleashing the powers of the mind, listeners will learn: * How to think more clearly and effectively to attain their highest goals * How to activate these goals and put them to work * The powers of self-suggestion and self-affirmation -- keys to creating new ways of thinking and believing * How to combine mental pictures with the power of the subconscious so that any goal you imagine can be realized in the real world Written in 1948, The Magic of Believing has helped thousands attain both personal and professional goals and the appeal of its philosophy remains a powerful tool for change. Now you can turn your thoughts into real achievements too! WHY WAIT FOR BETTER TIMES WHEN YOU CAN MAKE THEM HAPPEN NOW? Leaders of government and industry...stars of stage and screen...giants of science and the business world agree...These clear, easy-to-follow principles changed their lives and they can change yours, too! Formulated by a successful businessman and world traveler, this method has been used by millions for over three decades. The Magic of Believing offers the key to a world of unlimited opportunity. Now you can discover: * How to become the person you believe yourself to be * How to use your imagination to set your goals * Three sure-fire steps to getting what you want * The power of suggestion: How to use your thoughts to make things happen * Mental picture: The art of turning thoughts into action, results and rewards * Why and how believing makes it so Make your job work for you. Start your own business. Increase your income. Lose weight. Add love to your life. Whatever your goal, you can make it happen through The Magic of Believing!

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