Non Nonprofit, The

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Steve Rothschild Bill George

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Bob Souer




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"The Non Nonprofit applies rigorous, real-world business thinking to nonprofit organizations, government, and the problem of intergenerational poverty... It is one that ought to be studied carefully by policy makers, politicians, and all who want to build a more productive and just society."-from the Foreword by Bill George Solving pervasive social problems like systemic poverty requires passion and creativity, but nonprofit leaders know they must also achieve tangible results. Fortunately for nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs, the same business principles that drive the world's best companies can be easily transferred to the realm of nonprofits. We should give up on the policies and principles that don't work, and adopt those principles that have been shown to work in organizations of all types. We need to be pragmatists, not ideologues or idealists. Steve Rothschild is the founder of Twin Cities RISE!, a trailblazing organization devoted to poverty reduction. RISE! has succeeded where so many other organizations have failed because its efforts are designed around seven time-tested business principles. They are: Have a Clear and Appropriate Purpose. Measure What Counts. Be Market Driven. Create Economic Value from Social Benefit. Create Mutual Accountability. Support Personal Empowerment. Be Learning Driven. Steve left corporate America (he was a top executive at General Mills at the time) to found RISE!, having grown increasingly concerned by the poverty and lack of opportunity he saw all around his home town. But he brought to his social enterprise the same business principles, drive, and accountability that made him so successful in business circles. Here, he shows other enterprises how to adopt these same business strategies to create better results. All stakeholders will find this fascinating and useful, including business leaders, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit practitioners, government officials, philanthropists, policy makers, advocates, and concerned citizens. This book has applications nationally, internationally, regionally, and locally. It responds to the Obama administration's search for new approaches to solve systemic social problems. As insightful as it is inspiring, The Non Nonprofit will maximize the positive impact of any organization.

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