Nothing Down for the 2000s

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Escrito por

Robert G. Allen

Narrado por

John Dossett




4h 22m 46s

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Real estate remains the only reliable investment in which profits can be made consistently. Whether employment figures and stock prices are high or low, the real estate market never dries up -- it is one of the most dynamic income-producing vehicles ever created. There will always be plenty of foreclosures, which are great opportunities to purchase properties cheaply. Nothing Down for the 200's shows you how to locate the best buys, deal with real estate agents, and manage properties, all with little -- or no -- money down. Discover step-by-step techniques and dynamic strategies to: • Use real estate to build monthly income • Finance bargain properties for equity or cash flow • Obtain direct legal tax cuts • Sell and trade for maximum gain • Increase property value • Use owner financing to create opportunities • Learn effective negotiation techniques, and much more Excellent for beginners or experienced investors, Nothing Down for the 200's is the key to generating low-risk, high-profit wealth, and to a potential future of security and financial independence.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 22m 46s

Publicado por Simon & Schuster