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Lee B. Salz Jack Daly

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Lee B. Salz




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Read by the author.Game-changing new strategies to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell your competition!Salespeople face fierce competition in their pursuit of winning deals. Differences in product features and functions get smaller by the minute and are not always meaningful to buyers.How do you stand out from the pack and not just land the account, but win deals at the prices you want?Lee B. Salz’s previous ground-breaking, bestselling book, Sales Differentiation, armed salespeople with strategies to differentiate both what they sell and how they sell it. Sell Different! provides a new component of Sales Differentiation strategy to help you outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell the competition to win more deals at the prices you want. This book provides you with the tools you need to land new accounts and grow existing ones.The practical, proven strategies presented in Sell Different! include:How to defeat your toughest competitor (hint: it’s not who you think it is)An actionable 16-phase plan to reach and engage elusive prospectsFinding more of your best clients (it’s easier than you think)Acquiring more referrals than you ever dreamed possibleVirtual selling and how to harness its potentialNeutralizing the fear of change that paralyzes buyers and kills dealsStructuring pilot programs that advance your dealsIdentifying the critical person needed to win more deals at the prices you wantSolving closing problems and fixing the real issue limiting your successDissecting and resolving the most challenging sales objection—price!What 99.999% of salespeople don’t do, but shouldExpanding account relationships to explode revenue and lock out the competitionHow to address a major flaw when comparing salespeople with professional athletesAnd much, much more! If you are a salesperson, executive, or business owner who desires to win more deals at the prices you want, then this book is for you.

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