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Do you, or someone you love, have problems with pornography? Have you slipped down the road from curiosity to addiction with pornography? Are you afraid to admit it, but you believe your partner is a pornography addict? Dr. Jan’s hypnosis can help anyone. Say no to pornography and be pornography free. Save your time, relationship and sanity. Enjoy being healthy and proud of your decision to have a healthy sex life and happy mind forever. Be successful and be proud that you have so much more rewarding time on your hands. Dr. JAN’S Stop Using Pornography hypnosis is the result of many years of success with clients. Dr. Jan sees people on a one-on-one basis and has had a lot of success in dealing with those who need to Stop Using Pornography. This recording comes from Dr. Jan’s clinical success with helping clients Stop Using Pornography. Ask yourself these questions to learn how you are being damaged by using pornography: Do I feel preoccupied with fantasy or sexualized thoughts? Do I feel distress, restless and irritable if I can’t view pornography? Am I failing to resist impulses to view pornography? Am I viewing pornography longer than I intended? When I try to control or stop using pornography, do I ultimately fail? Do I spend an inordinate amount of time viewing pornography, masturbating, having sex, or recovering from any of these? Does my pornography viewing take significant time aware from my home, work, family or social obligations? Do I need more frequent or intense pornography over time to get the same result? Do I deliberately limit social, wok or family occasions in order to keep time open for pornography viewing? Do I continue to use pornography despite realizing the damaging consequences? If you continue being addicted to pornography, you risk these outcomes: You may become easily irritated and depressed. You become socially isolated from other people. You find yourself seeing others only as sex objects. You begin to neglect other important areas of your life. You start having any number of problems with sex with a real person. Your partner may be unhappy with your level of intimacy in your relationship and sex life. You start to feel bad about yourself. You begin to engage in risky or dangerous behaviour. What won't work for stopping porn? Unfortunately, the most common response to the discovery of the problems associated with porn use is denial that it exists at all, or avoidance and pretending that it is not really a problem. Some may refuse to talk about it, or promise to never do it again. Others may go on the defensive and verbally attack the partner who called his attention to it. Some choose to take a break for a while, thinking that this will make the problem go away. Others may change how they access porn and what type of porn they use. However, any of these strategies never work for long, and in time the serious consequences eventually grow, multiply, and exacerbate each other. These consequences include: Ruining your relationship. Ruining your family. Risk of losing your career and home and having to start again. Having a life of shame. Hypnotherapy can help you! What can you expect from this audio-recording? Cravings and withdrawals are gone. Energy level Improves ever day. A calm and relaxed feeling. Habits and behaviours change for the better. Imagine how you will feel when your pornography addiction is a thing of the past. The sooner you begin regularly listening to Dr. Jan’s hypnotherapy recording, the sooner that will be reality for you. If you’ve read this far, you know you are ready. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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