Strategist, The

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Cynthia Montgomery

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Karen White




6h 29m 48s

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Strategy is about identifying why your business matters, not just analysing the competition. Cynthia Montgomery reveals how leaders can embrace the crucial role of The Strategist to really define and drive the objectives and advantages to power their companies forward.Cynthia Montgomery teaches the globally-renowned EOP (Entrepreneur, Owner, President) course at Harvard Business School, one of Harvard’s most oversubscribed executive courses.Participants are all seasoned executives, owners, CEOs, or COOs of privately held companies who pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend, with the goal of learning how to be more effective leaders and how to make their companies more successful.Montgomery’s course teaches them a totally new way to understand leadership, a way that fuses leadership with strategy. Her approach calls for a reset of current thinking about both. She shows that strategy is not just a tool for outwitting the competition – it is the most powerful means a leader has for shaping a firm itself.Montgomery takes the readers through the paces of her world-renowned course, teaching them how to develop the skills and sensibilities that living strategy and real leadership demand.No other book marries strategy and leadership in the same way – a way readers will find challenging, intriguing, and ultimately, inspiring.Cynthia Montgomery, a top expert in economics, introduces a revolutionary approach in The Strategist. She believes that being the best is not just about outperforming competitors, but about identifying the core of your business and driving it towards success.For fans of Robert Greene (The Laws of Human Nature), Michael E. Porter (The Competitive Strategy), John Doerr (Measure What Matters), Ben Horowitz (The Hard Thing About Hard Things), and Giselle Weybrecht (The Sustainable MBA).

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