Sunshine Mind, The

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Allie Kingsley Baker Selena Gomez Raquelle Stevens Tanya Rad

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Raquelle Stevens Tanya Rad




5h 40m 56s

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Read by the authors.The Sunshine Mind is your guide to finding hope and joy in every day and embracing the beautiful person God made you to be.As modern women living and working in LA, Tanya Rad and Raquelle Stevens know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by trying to keep up, develop real relationships, pursue life passions, and hear from God at the same time.Real, honest, and shared from personal experience, Tanya and Raquelle wrote The Sunshine Mind with today's woman on their hearts. Each of the 100 inspiring readings offers faith, hope, strength, and peace to encourage you to become the beautiful person God made you to be.Through short encouraging readings on how to become less obsessed with perfection, seek validation from God rather than others, see negative circumstances as new opportunities, and more, you'll learn to . . .Respond with faith to the stress and anxiety that life bringsEmbrace the truth to help you handle the pressure to "measure up"Live free from worry in simple and practical waysReflect on God's plan for you and embrace his perfect love for you--just the way you areShare God's love and joy with the people around you Leave anxiety and stress behind, find a better way to conquer your struggles, and create a life of peace and joy with The Sunshine Mind.

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Duración: 5h 40m 56s

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