Tarot Card Reading: The Complete Guide

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Tarot card and palm reading are ancient forms of divination used by mystics and occultists to gain insight into the mental and spiritual pathways and beyond. These readings are direct attempts to tap into heightened perceptive abilities to achieve a deeper meaning and uncover the hidden truths of existence. Enjoy a guide that covers everything you need to know to become a Tarot reader and introduces you to the ancient art of Palmistry. This presentation will assist you in tapping into your subconscious and using the clues in the cards and lines to develop your intuition, leading you to greater awareness and enlightenment. Tarot Card and Palmistry hold the keys to understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us. Special Features include detailed explanations for all 78 cards with additional bonus sections to help you heal broken relationships, assess your personal strengths and weaknesses, choose a more fulfilling life path and more.

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Duración: 59m 40s

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