Tough-Minded Optimist, The

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Escrito por

Norman Vincent Peale

Narrado por

Mike Carnes




9h 39m 43s

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"If you want to live in this tough world and still have some real faith and optimism, this book is for you." —Norman Vincent PealeThe many ills of the modern world can be debilitating. With so much seemingly senseless violence, pain, and destruction, we need a lot of inner strength to overcome cynicism and despair—and to remain hopeful about the future. With Dr. Peale's careful guidance, you can achieve happiness and security by learning how to: conquer your fear; free yourself of guilty feelings; live well and prosper, personally and professionally; become physically healthy—the natural way; stay enthusiastic even in poor circumstances; tackle problems hopefully and creatively; and harness the power of prayer.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 9h 39m 43s

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