Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain

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Sharon Begley

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Eliza Foss




6h 29m 44s

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Is change possible? Everyone who has tried and failed, wished they could be happier, or has been told they were too old to learn something, has wondered why we just seem to be stuck with ourselves. But this amazing and hopeful audiobook shows us that it is not only possible for us to control our brains but also for us to rewire them.In late 2004, the Mind and Life Institute brought Western Scientists together with the Dalai Lama and other distinguished Buddhist masters to discuss the cutting edge research being conducted in neuroplasticity, which examines whether neurons can be changed and even grown.The findings are as astonishing as they are helpful. Flying in the face of previous assumptions, the current research shows that not only is it possible for us to change the physical brain, but it is within reach of every single one of us.Through research into neuroplasticity, it has been shown that we can:Reset our happiness meterHeal from depression, even major episodesLearn new skills even in old ageLearn, and even teach, compassion, a critical finding for personal happiness and a more peaceful worldSurprising, encouraging, and full of good news that we all want to hear, Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain will help us not only to change our brains but also the way we approach our lives — for the better.A Macmillan Audio production.

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Duración: 6h 29m 44s

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