You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?

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Kate Kelly

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Peggy Ramundo Kate Kelly




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The first self-help audio program by ADD adults for ADD adults!Attention Deficit Disorder, the most common learning and behavioral problem among children, also affects millions of adult Americans, more of which are being diagnosed with this potentially disabling condition every day.Now Kate Kelly, a clinical psychiatric nurse, and Peggy Ramundo, a specialist in learning disorders -- both of whom were diagnosed with ADD after discovering it in their children -- bring together their considerable personal and professional experiences to create the essential guide to identifying, understanding, and managing the dynamics of ADD in adults.You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid Or Crazy?! provides accurate information, practical "how-to's," up-to-date research findings and moral support, and explores such issues as:the differences unique to ADD adults and their impact on daily lifethe diagnostic processtreatment optionspersonal, family, and work relationshipsAlready well respected across the country, You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid Or Crazy?! is the indispensable reference for anyone who faces the challenge of ADD on a daily basis.Is your life in balance?What is your daily/weekly work capacity?How much sleep and rest do you need, including "down time" when there are no demands placed on you?What is your financial bottom line -- how much income do you require to maintain an acceptable standard of living?How much time should you devote to family and friends?What must you do to renew yourself spiritually, not just in the sense of religion, but regarding anything that gives your life meaning?How much and what kind of recreational activities are critical for your well-being?How long can you work efficiently without a break?What obligations must you fulfill?What things are cluttering your life and should be eliminated?How much time do you spend daily on self-maintenance: grooming, dressing, or health care?

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