Intuitive Eating for Beginners

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Monica E. Harris

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Kelsey Maher




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Are you looking for a way to eat what you love and still lose weight? Do you feel stuck in the world of dieting without seeing any results? Restrictive dieting can be an unpleasant experience. For most of us, trying to lose weight feels like an emotional rollercoaster that never seems to end. We constantly find ourselves in a state of “yo-yo dieting” as we force ourselves to lose weight through unpleasant meals but only find the results to be temporary. Most of the time, this is caused by that little bad habit of disordered eating we picked up along the way. Intuitive Eating for Beginners provides you with the necessary steps to heal your relationship with food and eliminate restrictive eating. You will no longer be struggling with emotional eating and feeling shame about your eating habits. You will learn how to break the cycle of disordered eating and learn how to trust your own body. Most of all, this book will teach you how to get “unstuck” from the toxic world of dieting. In this book, you will discover: • How to Get Started with Intuitive Eating • The 9 Golden Rules of Intuitive Eating to Create Lasting Change • The #1 Mindset to Break Free from the Standards of the Diet Industry • How to Actively Listen to Your Body • How to Break the Cycle of Emotional Hunger Once and For All • How to Recognize Your Body’s Most Important Signals • How to Avoid Self-judgment and Finally Make Peace with Your Body • How to Use Intuitive Movement to Exercise Like Never Before • Mouth Watering Recipes Perfect for Intuitive Eating • Bonus Tips for Intuitive Eating While Pregnant ... And so much more! You won’t find this information anywhere else! Join thousands of others who have made to the choice to take back their power over eating and improve their health. Check out this audiobook today to take advantage of this life-changing information!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 2h 20m 07s

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