Learn Spanish for Beginners in 2019

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Patrick Kne

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John E Martinez




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Do you dream about learning a second language? What if I told you that there was a fast and natural way for you to learn Spanish? How? With this amazingly easy to follow audiobook! This audiobook was truly recorded with you, the listener in mind. As it is far easier to learn from hearing the language, rather than just reading it, especially for beginners.This audiobook will teach you not only how to speak the language but to truly recognize and understand Spanish in day to day conversations. Learn Spanish naturally, while on your morning commute to work, as you use the washroom or whenever you get time to yourself. The key to learning anything new is through practice and repetition. So, listen to the audio, pause, repeat and restart as many sections as you need. There are over 1500 words and phrases to learn so have fun and go at your own pace. Each word is pronounced clearly and presented easily to allow you to follow along the phases spoken to you to repeat. They will all then be anticipated with the English equivalent for all the phrases which will help even beginners to easily associate common phrases and exercise proper Spanish pronunciation. In this book you will find: • A detailed introduction with tips and tricks on how to improve your learning• The most common words and vocabulary that would be needed to INSTANTLY catapult your journey to mastering Spanish • Every word and phrase is spoken to you slowly and clearly and repeated multiple times along with the English equivalent word• An easy way to learn the basic areas of Spanish quickly to get you having conversations in Spanish even before completing the whole book • And Much More... It’s time to open up new adventures and opportunities by learning a brand-new language. The Spanish horizons are calling your name. Buy this Audiobook and start your Spanish journey today!

Idioma: Español

Duración: 5h 47m 57s

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