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Escrito por

Eric Lefebvre

Narrado por

Edward Mora




3h 15m 12s

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Since the beginning of time, human beings have tried to achieve their goals in the most optimal way possible by developing long-term strategies and plans. However, as the social beings we are, our goals are often that others act or think in a certain way.Although in some cases the goals of others coincide with their own, it is common to find that this is not normally the case, due to incompatible goals and conflicts that make it difficult to achieve our goals. How can we solve this problem? One of the methods that can be used to this end is to try to change the behaviour, affection or opinion of others in a way that promotes their own interests. That is, use persuasion.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 15m 12s

Publicado por Author's Republic

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