Psychology of Pricing

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Marcus Mulenga




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Psychology of Pricing: The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Strategies, Discover Insider Secrets on How to Skyrocket Sales and Ensure Your Business For Ongoing SuccessHow do you assign a value to your products and services? Sometimes, product pricing is considered as an afterthought for some businesses. They don't put too much strategy into it and either just use the first price that comes to mind or copy competitors. Pricing is actually delicate because if you price your item too high, you lose customers. But if you price it too low, customers will think your product or service is of poor quality, not to mention your profit margins suffer as well. So entrepreneurs need to put more effort in their pricing strategies in order to guarantee more sales for the business. In this audiobook, you will learn different pricing strategies so that you will have better knowledge in knowing which one would work best for your business. You will also discover the best positioning strategies that will enable you to connect better with your target audience. You will learn different pricing tools that would give your busines a competitive edge with your competitors.This audiobook will teach you about the following topics:- Know Your Audience- The B.L.S. Formula- Set Yourself Apart- Value Stack Strategy- The GAP Strategy- Loss Leader Strategy- Qualify Your Customers- Incorporate Social Proof- Provide Top-Notch SupportWhatever pricing strategy you choose, it is better to focus on highlighting the benefits of your product and services than focusing on the price alone.If you want to learn about different pricing strategies that could help guarantee the success of your business, scroll up and click "add to cart" now.

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Duración: 12m 41s

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