Redefining Anxiety

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Dr. John Delony

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Dr. John Delony




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Anxiety is real—but it isn’t the end of your story.Dr. John Delony knows what anxiety feels like. He’s walked that dark road himself, but he found light and hope on the other side of it. Bringing together his own journey and two decades of counseling and research, he walks you through:The four biggest myths about anxiety and the life-changing truthPractical steps you can take today to start getting your life backLong-term strategies for healing to help you move forwardJohn will show you that most of what you’ve heard about anxiety is wrong. Things like:If you have anxiety, you’re broken and need to be fixedAnxiety is a disease that can only be cured with medicineAnxiety is caused by your geneticsWhile mental health is complex, our culture has made anxiety into something it’s not. For the majority of people who face anxiety, the truth is simpler than we think: anxiety is an alarm. It’s a signal—nothing more and nothing less. Anxiety is simply our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. If we stop and listen, we can calm the alarm and move forward into healing and hope.

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Duración: 1h 26m 58s

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