Spiritual Awakening, Emapth and Psychic Abilities

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Ishan Kyan

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Y Antoine




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If you want to understand what we are talking about, well ... then read on.Turiya is the context to which the three different states of consciousness are subjected and transcended.The states of consciousness are awakening of consciousness, dream, and dreamless shine. In Hindu philosophy, Turiya is simple awareness. Now the question is: would you like to know more and understand how to maximize the benefits of Turiya or how to simply achieve Turiya?This 3-book series will make your trip to Turiya easier. “As we will explain in detail in steps to reach Turiya in a positive and effective way, involving the mind, its different mental states, and the benefits that this practice is able to give you, thus making your trip to Turiya memorable.Learn how to turn your daily life into an adventure of consciousness. Watch with intense attention the changes in waking, dreaming, and sleeping as they include many secret doors to higher awareness. Cultivate a consciousness moment by moment to be always on the alert, every day as a stage in its celestial unfolding, your infinite wandering of consciousness. Know your regular movements from dream to sleep and learn how they affect your body and mind. Wake up in your new self.• What is Turiya• Understanding how to reach Turiya or the Fourth Estate.• Understanding the fourth state of mind.• Understanding Yoga, Meditation, and Turiya in the principles of the Upanishads.• Understanding Yoga in each of the four states .... and much more.Even if you are a beginner, you can learn simply by reading and applying the principles written in these books. I promise you a fresh and engaging perspective, which can give new life to your spirituality, to your need to know yourself in depth, to have the necessary tools to develop empathy and other psychic abilities that will surprise you.So,..Are you ready to explore Hindu Philosophy, the Eastern spirituality? Then scroll up and grab your copy!

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Duración: 11h 36m 21s

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