Start Everything Finish Nothing

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Rolfe G Arnhym

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Rolfe G Arnhym




6h 05m 49s

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Start Everything Finish Nothing is loaded with time management skills to help you finish your tasks, get along with others and grow your career. It's a crash course on logistics from a true professional, Rolfe G. Arnhym. He orchestrated moving the Army-Navy Game from Philadelphia, PA to Pasadena, CA in 1983, which included the transport of 10,000 Cadets and Midshipmen, allocation of $100,000’s and persuasion of countless “higher-ups”.Throughout his career as Colonel in the U.S. Army, CEO of multiple Chamber of Commerces and Chairman of Vistage (an executive coaching outfit), he created a methodology to get you atop your goals by leading wisely. Rolfe tailors Start Everything Finish Nothing for the digital age, as he focuses on strategies for overcoming distraction in the modern business world.BUY NOW to finally finish everything you've started!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 05m 49s

Publicado por Author's Republic

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