Statistics for Beginners

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Bob Mather

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Cliff Weldon




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Big Brother is watching you. Discover how statistics can be used to control our society. Have you ever wondered what your neighbor does every morning at 8:35 am, when you hear weird sounds coming from his balcony? Did you ever realize that the “likes“ you put on other people´s Instagram account will influence the next summer collection of Zara, H&M, and Nike? Are you aware that whenever you swipe your credit card in the supermarket, you are not only paying with money, but you are giving valuable personal data away for free? The science of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data became a powerful tool to get useful information about humans and their environment. Personal data has more value than ever and yet you leave terabytes of it for free on your devices or floating around in your cloud. Not only do Google and Facebook harvest billions from using your data for advertising, but talented hackers have also created a luxurious living from stealing and selling your data. In our high tech world, decision making is based on evidence instead of assumptions. By now our entire world is build around reliable statistics. ...ehm hold on. Reliable? In Statistics for Beginners, you´ll discover: How statistics replaced religion and what happened to god What will happen when robots will take the world leadership and how close we are to a gigantic robot invasion How statistics can save or destroy the world with simple tricks scientists use to present their so called “proven evidence“ How statistics helped an old lady to get her stolen purse back Discover the power of statistics and how they change your daily life. You should know how to interpret the numbers, facts, and studies you consume to be ahead of everyone else and become an insider instead of an innocent victim.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 02m 26s

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