Your Rich Life

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Jonathan Satovsky

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Jonathan Satovsky




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Most of us never reach our financial potential because we get in our own way, straying from careful long-term planning. In Your Rich Life, veteran assets manager and financial planner Jonathan Satovsky delivers frank talk on how to stay out of your own way and maximize lifetime returns as an investor. Satovsky serves as a behavioral coach, bridging the gap between traditional financial planning and assets management to meet readers wherever they are in their financial journey. What results is powerful, organized common sense. Satovsky explores some of the most urgent issues in investment today, including: • Whether passive or active management offers better yield• Robo-investors• The secret to buying low and selling high• If the S&P is the right benchmark for you With this book, you’ll create a life of true abundance—one measured beyond the size of your portfolio—en route to the wealth of your dreams.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 41m 50s

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