Keto Diet and Carb Cycling

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Ally Butterfly

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Preston Hardin




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In this book, we explore the ketogenic diet to great lengths by first looking at the role insulin plays in our bodies, understanding what carbohydrates to do within and without us, and providing a sound practical protocol on how to transition to keto without getting any adverse symptoms such as keto flu. We follow the story of fat, grains (carbohydrates), and sugar (carbohydrates) to understand how we got it so wrong but also how it served vested interests to either vilify the ketogenic diet or to call anyone who followed it. We debunk a few myths and show how epidemiological studies have been used to hoodwink the public. And while some people just can’t handle a diet with zero carbohydrates, we introduce alternatives to how you can introduce carbs and still remain in ketosis in other parts of the day.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 2h 37m 47s

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