Product Marketing Misunderstood

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Bryony Pearce Richard King

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Alex Picard




4h 21m 43s

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Product marketing is not a new function. Just like sales, accounting, and so on, it’s been around for decades. The only difference is perception. Ask anyone what a sales rep does, and they’ll tell you they sell stuff. Ask about product marketers and…you’ll get wildly different answers at best, blank expressions at worst.Anyone who really knows product marketing understands the tremendous value it adds to organizations, but not enough people seem to get it, which can make it notoriously hard for product marketing managers (PMMs) to get the recognition they deserve.Product Marketing Misunderstood helps you apply the tools of your own trade to your job—positioning, messaging, research, personas, and more—helping your entire organization value what you do. Created by the founder of the Product Marketing Alliance, this essential guide arms you with the tools you need to show colleagues past, present, and future that product marketing lies at the heart of your company.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 21m 43s

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