Tell Yourself a Better Lie

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Escrito por

Marisa Peer

Narrado por

Carlyss Peer




8h 36m 33s

(8 calificaciones)

Do you ever wish you could rewrite your life?Our lives are defined by the stories we tell ourselves, but those stories aren't always true. Narratives that are based on outdated or irrelevant information can run (or ruin) our lives for years, even if those stories are wildly different from the objective reality that formed them.In her sixth book, Tell Yourself a Better Lie, best-selling author Marisa Peer shares for the first time how Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) creates stunning in-the-room turnarounds for issues as varied as suicidal depression, eating disorders, weight loss, and life-limiting phobias and addictions.Through ten diverse case studies, Marisa explains how our unmet needs as children can morph into fixed stories we tell ourselves in adulthood-and, more importantly, how we all have the power to change them. If you've been longing for a happier, more fulfilled life, pick up Tell Yourself a Better Lie and take control of your own story today.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 8h 36m 33s

Publicado por RTT Press

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